why should i go to a retreat

We all need a soulfull escape from the "outer world." Retreats are time away from your normal routine for self care, self study, and self discovery! It's about practicing a healthy life-stlye, mindful living, and improving your life perspective. It's a time to build real relationships with like-minded women.

A time for just you to rest and reset.

Yoga, Nature, & Soulfullness


Let's restore, explore, and discover by immersing ourselves in the gifts of yoga and nature to connect to our soulfullness. Both yoga and nature can help us to open the door to our innermost selves.

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Christine Center

Utilizing the limbs of yoga to assist you in connecting with your spirit, soul, essence. To incourage living a life that makes your soul sing!To practice self-care and self-love to become your best self. To share your gifts and serve others.

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