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“mantra: You are never alone, It's never to late, and never give up!”

My Teaching Style

I am a Certified Yoga Therapist with a BS in Health Promotion & Wellness. I create a container of trust and community with my students. I encourage you to listen to your body, "it's the person, not the pose". You are your own best teacher. I offer modifications and focus on proper alignment to prevent injury.

About the instructors

why practice yoga

Yoga can do amazing things for the physical body, however, when you are ready it can do so much more.

It can teach you how to slow down and breathe, to be engaged in every moment.

It can teach you to move toward stillness and PEACE of mind; to let go of the every rambling thoughts and find clarity.

As you reduce the "mind clutter" you are able to see more clearly wnhat really matters, what matters most.

As you move away from the desires of the small self, you begin connecting to the larger energy of the universe.

You feel less alone, and realize that you are not seperate from anyone or anything.

You will begin connecting with your "true self". As you learn to "be", you learn to trust.

You find more purpose in living.

The more connected you become to your "true self", the stronger and more joyful you feel.

You begin to share "who you are", your gifts, and your love with everyone and everything.