The first day May honors the traditional spring festival of Beltane, when on the British Isles people gather together to dance around a garlanded maypole. Tethered to the pole by colorful ribbons, the dancers encircle it again and again as their ribbons intertwine. This celebratory dance is performed in honor of Maia, the May queen for whom this month is named. The traditional maypole dance itself and the joy of the revelers are physical expressions of gratitude that continue to be passed on from generation to generation.
Maia is the goddess of increase and abundance, qualities that are hallmarks of this month when Spring is in its fullness.
In May, nature mirrors back to us the increased blossoming and opening that are also occurring in our lives and within our own nature. We may experience a burst of renewed creativity, or a greater intensity of feeling in our physical experience of the world. Perhaps a new dimension of our character suddenly awakens, or our spirit unexpectedly soars to new heights. Any of these experiences might naturally occur at this time of plenty.
So, during this month of new life, notice what is awakening, and growing in your life. And also, practice gratitude for the abundance in your life.