Spirit & Image, 3-16-16

Have you ever heard the pharse "spittin - image"? Well, it actually stems from an old misinterpretation. Joel Chandler harris, author of the Uncle Remus stories explained that when an American slave seemed to be saying "spittin - image", what they were saying was "spirit and image". Like, isn't he the "spittin-image" of his father?
Even more interesting is the truth of St.Bernard of Clairvaux who said
"What we love we shall grow to resemble" or put another way, we become the spirit and image of that which we hold dear , at least on the inside.
Since we become like that which we most love, we want to choose whom and what we love carefully. Where to place our priorities. How to devote our best time and energy. To whom we give our fullest attention. For love is about these things of the heart, and our spirits will resemble that which has hold of our heart.
excerpt from Steve Goodier, Ten Million Clicks for Peace.