Limb 8 Samadhi

The final aspect of the yoga path is Samadhi or surrender to a higher power. Faith, surrender, devotion. Faith in what? Surrender to what? Devotion to what? The answers to these questions cannot be found in any book, they are written in our hearts. They were written long before we were born, and we practice yoga to complete our journey back to the truth about ourselves. Whether or not you have a God or want a God is irrelevant. All of us have experienced moments of profound connectedness -
the caress of a Spring breeze on our bare skin, the feeling in our chests when we look into another's eyes with love, the holy awe of gazing at a star-strewn summer sky. There is a greatness right beneath the surface of everyday life, and every once in a while we catch a glimpse of it. Those are the sudden, lucid flashes when life beguiles us out of the prison of our minds and leads us right into the moment. On our mats and our meditation cushions, we begin to experience this deep connectedness on an everyday occurrence. Samadhi is about making the experience of that greatness a priority.

And why not? We can live in the light with the same ease with which we live in our darkness. We are surrounded by mentors who have chosen to live life on a higher plane, for a higher purpose. The music we listen to, the movies we watch, the books we read- all abound with reference to the sweetness of "amazing grace". This final moment in the eight limbs of yoga is about allowing grace to happen. Not hoping for it to happen, not trying to make it happen, not believing that one day it will happen - this final moment is about LETTING IT HAPPEN. It is about shining, and who are we not to shine?
Rolf Gates from Meditations from the Mat.