Limb 7 Dhyana

In dhyana, psychological and chronological time come to a standstill as the mind observes its own behavior. The intensity of attention in the field of consciousness neither alters nor wavers, remaining as stable, smooth, and constant as oil pouring from a jug. Maintaining the same intensity of awareness, the attentive awareness moves from one-pointed concentration to no pointed dhyana the emphasis is on the maintenance of a steady and profound contemplative observation.
BKS Iyengar

Dhyana is that profound place that sports psychologists call "the zone". It is the place where the musician and the instrument disappear and there is only music. Through fearlessness and dedication we leave behind the everyday impediments and enter the realm of pure energy, pure spirit, unerring right action. All of us have the capacity to live from this place if we practice.
Rolf Gates