Limb 6 Dharana

Dharana is referred to as concentration. We learn to bring our attention to one point, and we train our minds to stay there. The point of concentration can be external, as in asana, or it can be internal as in meditation. On the mat we experience dharana quite often, during those moments when we lose track of time, when our minds become so absorbed in the physical experience of a posture that we are no longer connected to everyday concerns. In dharana, the past and the future have dissolved and we are no longer connected to everyday concerns. I experience dharana when I'm engaged with my grand daughter, making jewelry, or spending time in nature. Most of us are fortunate enough to have found activities that draw forth this deep concentration. When we are doing something we truly love, we cannot help but give ourselves to it wholeheartedly. Dharana, therefore, is a by-product of love. In the clarity of a focused mind, we find that timeless place where we connect to spirit. In this sense, dharana is our pathway to spirit.