Limb 5 Pratyhara

The first four limbs of yoga envelop the physical body and the external world, while with the following four, we embrace an entirely internal practice.

Pratyahara is the moment in the process - the juncture at which we go from DISTRACTION to DIRECTION.

Pratyahara is the decision to turn inward, to let go of drama. It is the choice to release our grip on the external world and all of our attempts to control it, in order to focus our minds on the internal.

Pratyahara is the moment when the intrepid explorers leave their boats on the shore and head inland.

At what point do you draw yourr boat onto shore and head inland?

What reservations do you have about doing this?

What resistance do you have to letting go of the past and the future?

Take time to observe the process of turning inward in your daily interactions. Pay attention to where you go, where your attention is placed, as you honor your commitments to your work/volunteer time, your relationships, yourself.