Limb 3 the asanas

The majority of students enter a yoga class for physical reasons, to take care of their bodies through the practice of the postures, the asanas. Perhaps they are recovering from an injury, a surgery, or to reduce muscular tension and pain. Other physical reasons may be to improve flexibility, balance, and strength. Yet,another, is to reduce stress.

Practicing yoga can positively impact every major system of the human body: skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, nervous, respiratory, and immune. It's no wonder that yoga has become such a popular practice.

However, according to the Yoga Sutras, your asana practice should always be steady and comfortable. The student is to be firm but relaxed. many students have trouble with this. They tend to be unstable and panicky. Later on, having learned a few postures, many students become striving and ambitious. Still later, these same folks become hurt and disillusioned. This is because we tend to approach our postures the way we approach our lives. In our culture, the results get all the attention and the process or journey is overlooked. Approach both your life and your postures with an eye on the process, and let go of the results. Stand easy in all the postures of your life, firm but relaxed.

The strength of your yoga is not necessarily tested during the asanas but in your life off the mat.