Happiness Power Principle #1

Principle #1: This Is It

Yes, this is it. today is all we have. Tomorrow might be no different or better. Besides, none of us know for certain that there will even be a tomorrow.

The bottom line: your time on earth is limited. Remind yourself of that as often as possible. That perspective will help you consciously and intentionally seek happiness at every possible turn. To begin to live this principle try to:

- become increasingly aware of what does and does not bring you happiness

- focus on the opportunities that exist daily to experience happiness

- Build into your life - step by step - those things that give you happiness

- rid your life - little by little- of those things that bring you frustration, displeasure, and suffering

- be grateful for and savor those moments of happiness, thereby prolonging the original experience itself


-What implications does "This Is It" suggest to you with regard to seeking happiness?

- What are three things- small or large- that you could immediately build into your life to increase your happiness?

Excert from- Russel Grieger, Happiness on Purpose